You’ll Fall in Love With These 15 Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Photo by ESP Proffesional / Shutterstock

You’ve already planned your picture perfect wedding day—right down to the last centrepiece. Now there’s only one way to top off the unforgettable celebration: planning the honeymoon of your dreams.

There are a ton of gorgeous honeymoon destinations all over the globe, but seeing as most budgets won’t allow a trip around the world, here are 15 of the most stunning (and romantic!) locales on earth:


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Electric blue waters, a charming cityscape and a unique culture make this historic city a must-visit attraction. Facing the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is ideal for soaking up the sun, checking out the romantic Renaissance buildings, or sipping a leisurely glass of Croatian wine as you take in the gorgeous views.

Photo by Dreamer4787/Shutterstock