You Could Meet the Love of Your Life in These 17 Places

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In the age of Tinder, meeting potential partners organically isn’t always as easy as the click of a button. While using dating apps can be one of the more effective ways of finding your true love, there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned love-at-first-sight we’ve all wished for at some point or another.

It might take a bit more effort than usual, but meeting the love of your life in person promises to be a much more romantic story to tell at your wedding than “we both swiped right.” Check out these 17 places to find your perfect mate.


A class or workshop

Whether you’re still in school or your homework days are long gone, you can still enroll in a weekly class to meet potential partners—and, you know, learn something. Try signing up for a writing course, archery lessons, or a weeknight boxing class to meet a mate with similar interests.

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