These Tips Will Help You Balance a Full-Time Job and Your Side Hustle

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Let’s face it: your full-time job won’t always be your ultimate passion. It’s common to feel restless or unfulfilled at your nine-to-five, which is why it’s so key to keep up your creative pursuits outside of working hours.

Maybe you love writing stories, crocheting, or coaching a kids’ basketball team—

or maybe you’re just looking to make a little extra money at a part-time job. Whatever the case, carving out extra time for your passions, hobbies and pursuits isn’t always easy, so follow these tips to make your schedule run a little bit smoother.


Keep one day a week totally off-limits

Although it can be tempting to use your free weekends for your passion project, try to keep one day a week, say, Sundays, totally open and free of commitments. This is another crucial component of tip number six, and it will help keep you sane when things get super busy.

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