These 15 Packing Tips Will Have You Booking Your Next Flight

Photo by kirstylee152 / Shutterstock

Is the daunting task of packing got you travel-shy? Are you worried you’ll forget the essentials or pack too many pairs of shoes? Never fear. This list of packing tips will stop that from happening from now on, and you’ll have the best-packed bag on your plane, train, bus, car or rickshaw. We promise!



Start with a list

You can make your own or find one online, but a list will ensure you have everything you need. Bathing suit? Check. Medications? Double check. Insulated water (or wine, or beer…no judgement here) bottle? Definite check. E-book reader with a dozen or so books on it? Must check. See? You’re organized already!

Photo by Flower_Garden/Shutterstock