The Top 10 Signs You have a Toxic Friend

Photo by WAYHOME studio / Shutterstock

Your closest circle of friends are there for support, encouragement, and a helping hand when you need it. While most of your friends only want the best for you, there’s a chance you could eventually mesh with a toxic friend. Their behaviour most likely stems from their own insecurity, doubt or fear, and can often be taken out on you.

Before you overreact by hitting the block button, check out these top 10 signs of a toxic friend. If any of your pals’ match these qualities, you may want to slowly distance yourself until they get their act together.


They show no interest in your life

A toxic friend will do anything to bring the conversation back to their own life, and can’t stand listening to others talk about subjects that don’t include them. This could mean your friend is a narcissist, or just plain old selfish, but either way, it’s better to have friends who want the best for you and are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Photo by Antonio Guillem / Shutterstuck