Stop Salad Boredom In Its Tracks With These 17 Ingredients

Photo by Dani Vincek / Shutterstock

Salads are way too often an afterthought — even when it’s our whole meal. Toss some greens, perhaps a few tomatoes and maybe a sad amount of croutons and away we go. While it will fill a (rather tiny) void, it’s hardly anything to get excited about. And meals should be at least a little bit exciting, shouldn’t they?

Bust out of that salad rut and move beyond the usual salad suspects. Here are 17 ways to add a wee bit of crunch, small amount of sweetness, or even a wee pot of protein — and a whole lot of interest to your next salad.


Baba ganoush or hummus

Go Middle Eastern on your salad and hike up the flavour and satisfaction by adding a generous dollop of nutty hummus or smoky baba ganoush. These two mediterranean spreads are often only used as dips and you have been missing out if you’ve never thrown them on a salad. Trust us, you’ll love it.

Photo by Natasha Breen / Shutterstock