How to Make the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Photo by Anna_Pustynnikova/Shutterstock

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, Instagram, and in your local hipster café, and they’re taking the vegan community by storm. The smoothie bowl is the best thing since sliced bread (without all the refined carbs and gluten), and absolutely no culinary skills are required to make your own.

The best smoothie bowls are chock-full of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to stay healthy and energized, all while tasting like dessert for breakfast. Not only are they delicious and nutrient-dense, but with colourful toppings like edible flowers, starfruit and kiwi, smoothie bowls are also becoming an art form of their own.  

Follow these easy steps to create the perfect smoothie bowl and make meatless Mondays great again:


Pick your fruits

Before you get fancy with your smoothie bowl, you’ll want to choose two or three fruits for the base mixture. Bananas and mixed berries like raspberries or blueberries add sweetness and plenty of antioxidants, while an avocado will add creaminess and healthy fats to your bowl. Frozen fruit is best because it will make your base thick, creamy and cool.

Photo by Ksenija Toyechkina / Shutterstock