How to Know When It’s Time to Move in With Your Significant Other

Photo by Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock

Shacking up with your significant other is a huge step in your relationship development. It means sharing expenses, space, meals and so much more with each other, and it can completely change the dynamic between you and your partner.

Before you hop into a one-year lease or a mortgage with your S.O., you’ll want to make sure that you’re both ready—as individuals and as a couple. You can always move out if things go sour, but to avoid a messy breakup, think things through carefully and only take the leap once you’re sure.


You can enjoy silence together

Moments of silent contemplation shared with your S.O. can do wonders for your relationship. If you feel comfortable enough with them to let down your guard and soak up a moment of quiet reflection together, then living together will probably feel easy and natural. However, if you still feel like you have to fill every silent moment with chatter or even sex, then you and your partner may not have the solid foundation needed to sustain a long-term relationship just yet.

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