Here’s How You Can Stay Fit While You Travel

Photo by aslysun/Shutterstock

Despite your best intentions to run on the beach, munch on fruit salad at breakfast, or do yoga while waiting at the airport, vacations can easily turn into one big indulgence when it comes to your health. One drink turns into three, dessert becomes a non-negotiable at dinner, and lying by the pool for hours tends to trump exercise.

Obviously, you’ll want to enjoy your vacation, and chilling out on a lounge chair for a week isn’t going to kill you. However, if you travel frequently for work, or you’d really like to stay on track with your fitness goals even while on vaca, here are a few helpful tips to stay fit while you’re on the road:



Do as the locals do

Change up your health and fitness routine by adopting the local customs while you’re traveling. Heading to Hawaii? Learn to surf! Visiting Copenhagen? Get your bicycle ready and cruise around town. This way, you’ll keep your body adaptable while getting a feel for how the locals live—it’s a win-win.

Photo by oneinchpunch/Shutterstock