Earn Best Roomie Status While Staying at a Hostel With These 15 Tips

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Before the comfy culture craze known as Airbnb, booking a hostel was the go-to choice for cross-country travelling and holiday living on a budget. Whether in and out within a few or days—or planning on a lengthy stay, backpackers, travellers and tourists need to keep in mind a list of need-to-knows when it comes to shared accommodations.

From early check outs to late-night visits, learn how to earn best roomie status while staying at a hotel.  



Take the time to read and review

A good researcher makes for a happy roomie. Before dropping your bags and settling in, check online and compare your options. For those heading to a metropolitan city, there will be more than one hostel available for your sleeping pleasure. Consider the following: location, price tag, amenities in order to make the right choice for your specific needs.  

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