Be the Envy of Instagram With These 15 Photo Taking Tips

Photo by Rohappy/Shutterstock

Ever wondered how all those Instagram stars gained their thousands (or even millions) of followers? They always seem to have the perfect pictures, the coolest filters, and the wittiest captions, and somehow they come up with new content multiple times a day.

For these people, Instagram is a job—which is why they put so much effort and focus into their profiles. But with a little help, you can snap more beautiful, high quality pictures, get more likes, and increase your follower count, too—maybe not to the millions, but it’s a start!

Follow these 15 tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Instagram sensation.


Create a colour scheme for your feed

If you love the look of a certain colour on your feed like hot pink or different shades of blue, use it often to create a cohesive feel for your profile. Instagram users will be much more likely to follow you if they know they can expect a certain aesthetic.

Photo by Aleksandrs Samuilovs / Shutterstock