17 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink Alcohol

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From champagne cocktails to boxed wine, alcohol comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether your drink of choice is beer, wine or spirits, you’re probably already aware that alcohol can make you feel more relaxed and confident, and it generally makes for a pretty good time.

What may be less apparent to you, however, are alcohol’s effects on your blood, brain and organs. While you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to alcohol’s destructive qualities in favour of its ability to help you let loose, it’s important that you understand just how unhealthy alcohol can be.

Before you crack that cold one, read these 17 facts about what actually happens to your body when you ingest alcohol:



Alcohol moves into your bloodstream as soon as it hits your mouth

Even before you swallow a sip of that chilled rosé, a small amount of alcohol is already making its way to your bloodstream through the vessels in your tongue and gums. Snorting alcohol will cause it to travel to your bloodstream quicker due to the porous membranes in your nose.

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