15 Seriously Awesome Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Photo by naito29/Shutterstock

Coconut oil and it’s many (MANY!) bonuses are all over the internet. It’s good for you, it helps lower your cholesterol, and it’s a great oil to season your cast iron pan with. Yes, it can be used to cook with and it is good for you, but it can also do just about anything; from moisturizing to soothing bug bites, coconut oil is an all-natural powerhouse product.


Grease it up

You’ve heard the saying “fight fire with fire”, right? Well, why not fight grease with grease? Trust us, it works! Clean greasy cast iron pans or BBQ grills with coconut oil—the grease and grime has met its match. If you need a little extra oomph, add a bit of salt to the mix.

Photo by fotoknips/Shutterstock