14 Travel Destinations Every Foodie Should Visit at Least Once

Photo by Artistpix/Shutterstock

While checking out the art, history, and architecture of a city are all valid reasons to travel, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in a country’s culture than through food. Experimenting with local specialties like foie gras in France, ceviche in Peru, or grilled squid in Thailand will expand your palate and sharpen your taste buds so you can take your foodie status up a notch or two.

Before you plan your next trip, be sure to find out which parts of the world offer the most diverse and delicious dishes, and the best foodie hotspots to hit once you’re there. From open-air markets to neighbourhoods packed with five-star restaurants, the world is full of culinary treasure troves just waiting to be devoured.

Follow the food and visit these 14 destinations to plan the foodie pilgrimage of your dreams:


Vieux-Montreal in Montreal, Quebec

With its stunning architecture, romantic cobblestone streets and historic vibe, the Old Montreal area is bound to house some culinary gems. Dine at classics like Stash Café or critically-acclaimed Toqué, or better yet, try the Old Montreal Food Tour, which visits six of the area’s best restaurants over three hours.

Photo by Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock