10 Simple Tips To Get You in Shape For Your Wedding

Although you’re already wedding-ready no matter what your body looks like, working towards your personal health and fitness goals leading up to your big day can feel so empowering. Whether you’re a born athlete, a laid-back yogi, or a total desk jockey, there are always a few easy lifestyle tweaks you can make to improve your health and take your fitness game to the next level—especially if you’re just months away from one of the most important days of your life.

Follow these 10 tips to stay happy, healthy and trim throughout your journey as a bride.


Expand your repertoire

Everyone has their fitness routines, and while it’s awesome to get into a groove, your body can adapt to a certain movement regime quickly. If you really want to tone up in advance of your big day, make sure to keep your muscles guessing by switching it up often. Ask your MOH to try something new with you like boxing, tennis, or even aerial yoga to break through any fitness barriers you may have run into.

Photo by vhpicstock/Shutterstock