10 Easy to Make DIY Holiday Gifts

EVERY year it seems the holiday season rolls around faster and faster. One minute, it’s Thanksgiving and you’re carving a pumpkin, and the next, you’re stringing lights around a tree and popping chocolates out of an advent calendar like it’s your day job.

Inevitably, your list of people to buy gifts for will grow each year, whether your bank account permits it or not. If you’re buying for your immediate family or significant other, it makes sense to splurge on jewelry, accessories, clothing and tech items, but what about the people a bit further down on your list, like your in-laws, your next-door neighbours, and co-workers?While a bottle of wine or some chocolates are usually appreciated, your friends and family members will be much more impressed by a gift you’ve put some thought and effort into (plus, you’ll save some cash in the process!). So put on some Christmas carols, bring out the eggnog and get started on some of these cute and easy DIY holiday gifts.


Homemade peppermint sugar scrub

The ladies in your life will love this sweet-scented body scrub made with yummy natural ingredients like peppermint essential oil. Package it in a mason jar with a red bow and a sprig of holly for a super cute stocking stuffer.

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